Our passion lies in pushing the boundaries of what is industry standard. 

The Wates Collective are a team of creatively driven visual designers, documenters and photographers who will take your 2D project, and hand it back to you as a 3D experience. We create bespoke spaces for clients who want more than a cookie cutter single image. All of our work is produced inhouse with our 100% Australian owned business, and we remain committed to being at the cutting edge of technology and innovation.

The difference between us and standard renders? We can put you in a space, providing 360 degree images of your project- assisting in immersing yourself in your concept, rather than just imagining one angle of a room flat on a screen. 
If that isn't enough, we can hand you videos of your project, with dappled light playing across surfaces, steam rising from a cup of coffee, birds fluttering in the distance. We can make you feel a space in a way that just a picture alone can't. 

But if images are your thing, we can do that to- providing any angle of a finished room, differing from a standard visualisation experience where you pay per image- per angle. 

We strive to be different, we want to place you in your creative projects- we want you to feel what it is like to be there, not just static through a screen. 

Plus we can do all this far more cost effectively than a standard renderer can. 

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-Internal & external renders

-Show reels


-Digital mood board  

-Day Night cycles